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Zeitlos Überdauert – I

Shortly before finishing the spoon I cut this rune out of a leftover piece of beech. It’s called “Othala” and I choose this one because of its meaning for homeland, ownership, heritage and ancestry. Basically all runes containing a important meaning each for its own but “Othala” is maybe the most misinterpreted or misunderstood one in our modern time because of the reinterpretation of individualism in a form which tear out and denies all roots so to speak.

You are born because your parents survive at least until they were capable of producing offspring. You live because your ancestors in the past were not eradicated by diseases or war or something like the downfall of economy which requires preparation and knowledge how to live without artificial and unnatural systems to some extend. Due to the fact that every action of you and your ancestors are nothing but manifestations from the mind it is totally clear that you cannot live healthy enough to produce strong children or do anything good for the future of your family and friends when your mind is weak and poisoned. This inner drive, this spirit needs hygiene like your body needs it or it will start smelling and rotting and make you slowly die out. But it’s not so easy like just buying any soap and take a shower – you have to listen to your deep inner voice and trust your gut feeling when choosing mind-food or when you think about what to do or whats right or wrong. This feeling is the call of your ancestors! Their will to live, their love for life and still existing message for you!

The body in the grave may rot and fade away from presence and his or her name will be forgotten and maybe no one could remember the words and actions of this long ago dead person. But his light and love still remains and make him or her immortal as long as you take his message serious and live it. So the ancestor becomes alive again in you and so you become immortal in your children because they should be the fruit of the message and your healthy mind. Nevertheless you are a individual human being and your children will be. Your are not just a copy of your parents because naturally they were two persons who where driven to be one entity at least in the moment when they created you. You are not just your mother or your father – your are both and so you are a new individual but due to the fact of your roots. You have abilities who just one parent didn’t have and maybe never was really be able to compensate or combine to full extend them with his or her partner. Which doesn’t mean children would always be better than their parents but always different. Sometimes children benefit from their parents and sometimes they suffer from the mistakes which the parents made. But the ancestors voice is sounding trough them “zeitlos überdauert” – without time from a time long ago in human history. And this message will be always true.

When I thought about which colour to choose for my rune I figured out only sand-yellow will fit and combined green and red simply out of the mood. When I was painting the symbolic blueberry branches I thought of my home in saxony switzerland. Later when I was sending the picture above to my mother to show her the result she said something like: “Your grandfather painted the furniture for us children in the same way. The painting of your rune could be his.” After this words I began to remember diffuse these old beds and wardrobes and things like that painted by my now dead grandfather. And I remember harvesting blueberries in the garden with my grandmother when she was collecting one pot after another and we kids ate the most of what we collected 😉

So the rune works and I think it was her spell itself painting her. It’s like a whispering from the past saying: „We are still here.“

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  1. It looks very good, I love the little painted decoration. I finished some hairsticks and I plan to gift some for a friend’s birthday. You do some pretty nice woodworking.

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