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Zeitlos Überdauert III – surviving in hostile environment

I want to write down some thoughts I had within the last few weeks. The main thoughts are probably not completely new but I will enrich them with personal experiences. Right now at the beginning I want to state the fact that even if you are surrounded by white people and even if they look quite european you could find yourself in false society with a completely different way of thinking and feeling. Not only because there are so much christianized and brainwashed people out there but also because their brain is working in a non-european way. Yes, it’s obviously not only the corrupted „software“ inside their minds which turn them into strangers to us – it’s the „hardware“, the brains structure, as well! In worst cases a combination of both. This basic experience is the meaning behind „Zeitlos Überdauert“. (edit: one of the meanings…)

You can learn much from a persons face by reading it’s appearance simply out of intuition. Except some rare cases of accidents, for example broken noses, humans are able to read some of the genetic makeup of another person by instinct. The same goes for the natural smell of people. The basic way of thinking is more hidden, maybe behind a high matching face. I don’t mean political beliefs or something like that but the way how a person thinks and feels in general. You have to consider more traits, for example the way how somebody acts socially, what kind of clothes he or she wears – to summarize it: the manner of direct and indirect communication. I don’t have to talk to strangers to get to know them; that’s not my kind of thing. I’m a silent observer – I feel whether somebody could be a friend or not. An experience about the connection between facial appearance and behaviour is my time in school: the bad guys often had some strange facial traits, something foreign. They were the most stupid and aggressive, came from miserable families and had obviously big problems with their self-esteem. Maybe because of genetic disorder? I may add that these children would be considered as european by todays standards. Their behaviour is mainly a matter of race and ancestry just increased in negative way through bad social circumstances – not the other way around!

The latter is an important factor though and here we come to the group we call the „common people“. Those with a relatively high living standard (reached through a system-serving job), the well educated (indoctrinated in school and by media) and well informed (by TV and newspaper). Corrupted politics made it possible that the average man gained much more power in our society than the noble man. „Average“ in genetic and intellectual context. Our modern society is neither found nor run by the most capable people nor is it maintained by the most capable. Simply because those who barely rely on such a system cannot be considered as truely strong and healthy. The best (that means the most suited man for our climate and culture) are plain reduced in numbers; they fought a forgotten war and died slowly and silently over centuries because of the takeover of christianity and it’s side-effect of mongrelisation in europe (because the culture and mentality changed). They survived partly in us though, and if you are lucky enough to get a good portion of the ancestral way of thinking next to nordic facial traits into your genom you have to face a wide-ranging problem today: No matter how vigorous the brainwashed modern man denies racial awareness, he is still led by his natural insticts that try to tell him the truth. The ongoing disagreement between his mind and instinct makes him going mad. When looking at a noble man the average man’s instict rightly interpretes the facial traits of his opposite with positive characteristics like reliability, bravery, intelligence, honour, magnanimity, sensibility and so on. So maybe the average man has high expectations and is more than disappointed when he realizes that his promising opposite „just refuses“ to fit into his world (system/mindset) and is unable to fulfill the modern rules of communication and social behaviour, for example. Than the tortured and twisted mind of the weak man vomits it’s inferiority and self-hate in form of wild accusations and embittered defence of his own downfall (his system). He want apologies but of course the germanic mind of his opposite naturally cannot grasp the need for it.

What I called „average man“ is elsewhere called „NT“, which is the short term for „neuro-typical“. Just because our mainstream-societies are dominated in numbers by NT’s because of outbreeding the european mind doesn’t mean that we have to consider their way of living as the healthy standard. It depends on your perspective what is normal and what is not.

The NT is somewhat lost mentally because he is living in constant state of a throttled consciousness. His brain isn’t able anymore to transmit all the sensorial input into his consciousness. His sensorial filters are thicker and he doesn’t have to process as much information as a healthy prehistoric mind. This disorder disconnected him from nature more and more and he has build his own artificial world which fits his limitations. His glaring world blends our eyes and it screeches like an insane biest hurting our ears. The machines output is like an amplified artificial cry of the disconnected consciousness. The NT isn’t able to realize the amount of sensorial garbage he produces. He’s affected by it though, because the other parts of his body aren’t made to withstand the strain and stress. His mind is always „on time“ syncronized with the material world, he cannot fall out of it. He doesn’t impersonate Odinn anymore, the godlike aspect of the true european man which enables him to look and travel into both the material and the spiritual world. Due to his reduced sensorial input capabilities he has also lost the sense for the beauty of nature which in consequence means that he is unable to respect nature anylonger. The NT-led modern world has to think about the preservation of nature because there is no feeling for it. The christian mindset does it’s part to make the NT to think only about his own life and „salvation“ from the yoke of life that he feels. Alot of them don’t care really about the future generations. The quality of life is measured in economic welfare and the cultivation of a materialistic consumer society freed from all limitations.

If you’re not made to live in such a world you have to face a hostile environment unless you do something to preserve your kind of being. Considering how aggressive the NT-world is, that means you turn into an enemy to them because they will not drop their religion of progress and profit. We are made to live in forests but wherever you and your brothers and sisters go, the waste of modern world will reach you sooner or later. So simply escape and to live in a parallel world is not possible. Too much people, too much greed and hunger. It’s going too far, thats why it will collapse. Unlimited growth at the expense of nature must fail. They will fail and fall. And we will still be there securing our existence and future on top of their overgrown ruins.

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