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The Oak

DSC04775After reading an article about the meaning of the oak tree in the european paganism I planted an acorn yesterday evening. My girlfriend collected some acorns because we read in a book that you can add them grinded to a bread dow. But I did not wanted to use them because they were not fresh ones picked from the tree. One of them was coming out of its shell and I decided to try to plant it. The moon was standing up high and nearly full when I grabbed some good humus soil in the forest nearby. Great atmosphere to plant a scandinavian oak! Currently its growing indoors in a prepared tetra pak box and even after one night you can see that its coming out a bit further. I hope i can plant it someday out in a forest so that it can develop strong roots deep in the soil and a wide green crown. Good spirits will dance around the stem like on this tree:

Hopefully this tree will endure centuries and someday when its old and mayestic a young bard will take place under its strong arms and play a melody with the birds in the tree in harmony with the nature surrounding them.

A recording for this idea

I (tried to) play „Hermodr a Helferd“ from Burzums „Daudi Baldrs“ Album with the borrowed mandolin and my very limited skills, because for me it is the most suitable music for this kind of scenery. You can find the more beautiful original here.

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