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New Spoon

DSC05486Finally I found time to make another spoon after a break of several months. There was a last log of dried applewood left which was big enough to carve a spoon out of it. Applewood has a reddish colour and nice texture but is quite hard to cut. This time I didn’t used any machines to cut the raw form – I did everything by hand just with my knives.… weiterlesen


New Spoon

Yesterday I finished a new spoon made from a dry piece of a birch tree hump. This time I used oliv oil and the texture came out very nice and different compared to a regular piece of stem because of the irregular growth of the hump. I tried to make the spoon as thin and light as possible. Because it is quite deep it can be used as a marmelade spoon or for salt/sugar and for soups.… weiterlesen