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Innenansicht Blockhütte im Femundsmarka Nationalpark

Call For Simplicity

Since we know that the most promising way to revolt against the rotten modern system is not about throwing stones at policemen at a demonstration or to take part in any „anti“-organisation, which are often actually a part of the system themselfes – but to reduce our needs and dependencies from it and to take part lesser and lesser to interrupt the supply of money to rotten industries which threaten our existence and future.… weiterlesen

Notizheft mit Bleistift

The Plan

I experienced that it’s very important to have a goal or a meaning in life. Not so long ago I felt trapped in a world without these qualities and due to that I felt unmotivated sometimes and often a bit depressed. My sight stucked at negative things. When someone asked me about having children, I usually replied something like: „No, not in this world! I don’t want to be responsable for all the obstacles they will have to face in this sick society.… weiterlesen

Stormy Sea

Currently I’m in an uncertain situation in my life. I’m looking for a new job and a new place to live. For now it’s not sure where I will land. Though the sails have been set and the rudder lay in my hand. I know which goal I want to reach and where I want to be in 5 or 10 years.… weiterlesen