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Brunnenkresse in einer Glasschale

Collecting Herbs

DSC05357Last weekend we collected herbs and dried them for healthy teas. Woodruff, narrowleaf plantain, dandelion, horsetail, strawberry-leaves, peppermint and nettles. We cooked the fresh young nettles as an alternative to spinach but I didn’t liked it so much. I was lucky to find watercress, which is rather seldom because it needs excellent water quality. The cress was surprisingly spicy! Unfortunately we can’t find ramson; I would like to have it because I really like the taste of garlic.… weiterlesen

Äpfel werden gewaschen

Apple Juice

Today i had the opportunity to visit a small apple juice „factory“ in a little village in the countryside of south-west sweden. People coming from even 50 km away to let him press the juice out of their apples he said. He is well known in the area and have a lot to do this autumn but he is always happy when families with children and other interested people are coming to show and explain them where the food is coming from and how to make tasty applejuice the old way.… weiterlesen