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Soap Holder

DSC05098In sweden I had some opportunities to do handcraft work and after making the last spoon, I wanted to do something else. It should be small and useful and after I found a metal soap holder with a water collecting part in a bathroom, the decision was made: It would be great to have such a thing made out of wood. I cut a block of oakwood in two pieces and began with the carving of the basin. The most difficult part was to make the two parts fit together. Whereas it was nice to see the „design“ coming out at the end by rounding the edges and carving out three feet (so it cannot tip). After I put oliv oil on the surfaces the texture and colour of the wood emerged. I worked from midday to late evening on two days – oak is really hard to work with but in the end I’m satisfied with it altough the inner surfaces and the holes could look more nice – however my mother was happy when she got it as a birthday present and I gained more practice in working with wood.

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