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Sacred Homeland

I live and work in south germany because of economic reasons but my true and original home are the fairytale forests and rocks of a region in east germany that is called saxonian switzerland. I was already homesick for months now and the feeling that I don’t belong to the place where I live now became – and still become stronger and stronger. It seems that my spirit/soul or how you want to call it, is deeply in touch with the landscape of my homeland:

moistly ravines of mossy sandstone between monumental rock formations embedded in forests of oak, birch, beech and pine-trees. I remember the smell of dry pine-needles in the heat of summer and the smell of the moistly grey sand at a rainy day. The valley where I lived was formed by a river called „Elbe“, which was called „Albis“ in the ancient times. „Fjell“ is swedish for „mountains“ – so my pseudonym „Albisfjell“ means mountainregion at the river Elbe.

Recently I got holidays and was lucky to spent a week in my homeland. I sat in a train the whole day and tried to forget about the time by reading a book called „Die Nebel von Avalon“ in german language – which means something like „The mists of avalon“ in english. Everytime when I went home it feels like entering some sort of a parallel world to me, which exists somewhere out of time besides the so called reality. This feeling was supported by the misty autumn weather too, of course. I grew up there and the nature was my playground. I often played alone and felt comfortable and safe with that; I’ve never visited the kindergarden. Later, as a teenager I went to the forests or on top of mountains to think about life or – together with friends – we’ve made fires and were sleeping under the rocks. When I walk through these forests today I see the unbelieveable beauty of nature; I’m able to feel the joy of live again. The trees seem to be old and wise guards of a forgotten world and with some imagination some solitude stones in the forest look like pagan altars. I was fulfilled with a connection to that nature – I’m not only a visitor at my rare holidays escaping from the sick modern world – no, I’m a living part of my small beloved sacred homeland.

I want to share some impressions with you and maybe encourage you to express your own feelings to sacred places in nature to which you have a deep connection. I’m looking forward to read about that and maybe to see some pictures at your own blog or in the comment section. 🙂

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    • Thank You! 🙂 The so called „bad weather“ is often the best for photography. I also try to simulate the colours of analog film with a selfmade image editing profile from a Kodak Elitechrome 100.

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