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It’s mid-november, the days are short and often grey. In the evenings I like to light candles and enjoy their smooth, warm and living flickering light. Even today the look at a fire is fascinating for us – it’s like a small part of the sun here on earth given to us by the spirits. Naturally I don’t want to celebrate neither the christian version of the yuletide nor do I want to support the capitalists in destroying our culture. Nothing is sacred for them and so they turned all our high festivals into mass-consumption-events. People don’t follow the rythm of the seasons anymore. So they have lost the contact to nature and themselfes too. I long for a more mystical time – a time with more questions than evidence. A silent time of transition covered in darkness. I hope for the sun to return but she needs to sleep as we do. We should follow her at her way trough the underworld in the winter times. I need a time to think about the dead and the past. I need silence and a calm atmosphere to clear my mind about the future, about who I am and where I stand. I wish to understand the mysteries and to live with them; to accept them as a reality you cannot understand with a scientific mind but with a sense for the beauty of nature.

I’ve made two rune-lanterns to enlight the dark times with positive meaning. A green one was my first try. It shows Oþala ᛟ which represents property and family – things I want to achieve in the future; Sowili ᛋ which symbolizes flames and is connected to the sun and stands for creativity and perfection (for example). Ironically I’ve made a mistake and forget to invert the outlines for the cutting when I drawed them at the inside of the lantern…
Furthermore the lantern shows the rune Mannz ᛗ which has a positive meaning too, because it’s a symbolical picture of a man and a woman kissing each other. Mannz is all about humanity. The fourth rune is Algiz ᛉ. It is one of my favorite runes because it stands for birth, health, strength and so on and is connected to the forest.

The red lantern shows seven runes in total whereby three sides contain a combination of two runes each. They are supposed to complement and intensify their individual meaning. The stand alone rune is Jera ᛃ, which is already a very powerful symbol because it is connected to Freyja and stands for a fruitful year. Then we have the first combination which is Kauna ᚲ and Ansuz ᚨ. Kauna stands for enlightment and Ansuz stands for knowledge about the mysteries, signals and messages from the deities. These are things I would like to have more sharp senses for. The next side shows Berko ᛒ, which means „birch“, which is the most beautiful tree in my opinion. Furthermore it stands for fertility, growth, rebirth. The rune looks like a a women’s breasts and that completes it’s meaning. Together with Berko there is Inguz ᛜ which represents the act of making love and therefore stands for love, desire, fertility and some other positive things connected with that. The fourth side shows the rune Wina ᚹ which is supposed to be a picture of a beautiful women and means balance and harmony – traits I want to take more care about. Wina is accompanied with Sowili ᛋ, which I already described above but this time I did it right and the rune is shown in correct orientation.

I took the name of the runes and the descriptions from the book „Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia“ written by Varg Vikernes. I recommend to read it.

I hope my handicraft skills will be good enough to show my future children how to make nice and meaningful things by yourself. We really don’t need consumer „christmas“…

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