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Rocket Stove

Recently I tried to build a rocket stove from my memories of rocket stoves I have seen in Sweden at a permaculture project. I had no plans but I used the things which I have found and which seemed to be suitable; like a old paint bucket and a T-like stovepipe. After cutting the metal parts I got some loam from the forest and we filled the paintbucket with it. The vertical pipe was approximatly 10 cm deeper than the horizontal (firing) pipe, so I put a tin with holes at the bottom. You can see the dimension of the construction at the pictures and there must be something wrong with it – maybe the firing pipe to large in diameter size – because unfortunatly the stove is not working correctly. Even after removing the tin it seemed that there was not enough air coming in and the first well burning fire extinquished after a while. The stoves which I have seen had no holes in the separation-metalsheet inside the firing pipe and I also thought the meaning of a rocket stove is less need of firewood – which would not be the case if there is air coming from beneath the fire. Perhaps the dimensional relations are wrong?

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