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Poisonous Development

paintSince I started working I was often more or less forced to use and cope with obviously poisonous materials and fabrics. And even now when I work with more ecological minded persons it happens quite often that I’m supposed to handle really obviously unhealthy materials. Except the fact that your body will suffer from it, it never felt good to use them; especially not when I knew very well about their poisonous effects – also to the environment. Staying healthy is one of the most important things in life and you are responsable to take care of it! And now I ask myself more and more why I didn’t refused to work with such things. It’s mainly because everyone is doing it and you are expected to do so too; otherwise… what?

Because „everyone use the materials“ is no argument, actually. Especially not when everyone, who can read and interpret warning signs on packages, know that these products are pure poison! The whole society is not really in a good health shape – so why should we do like everyone, just because everyone is doing it? Most of us paying every month for the health insurance (or work for it) – we pay, to receive help when it’s too late for prevention and a sickness has developed. I mean, how crazy is that; according to the use of bad chemicals, bad food and so on which we often not refuse to use just out of lazyness or fear to be expelled out of a special group of persons or just because it’s convienent? Everyone pays for poison and everyone pays for health – so everything is fine, right?

Their are alot of products available at the markets, often very common ones – like paint, building materials, toothpaste, cleaningfluids, industrial produced food etc. – which you can easily identify as unhealthy; just trough looking at signs or reading the ingrediences. I’m not even talking about the hidden and more unknown unhealthy things like cellphones or wireless networks for example – for now I mean the obviously dangerous products; which everyone can identify by himself. The only thing you have to do is to ignore the fancy advertising photo at the front and turn around the package! The producers are forced by law to put on signs and write down the ingrediences.

These products are often seen as a development; they are supposed to be more effective, more durable, more tasty, more beautiful than… what? Maybe the originals; which people used for hundreds of years; selfmade, individual and not unhealthy! For example paint; the common, cheap modern paint is often a heavy smelling, cluelike product full of plastic and (long-time!) air contaminating fabrics. Did you knew, that you can make a colorful, durable and natural paint out of mineral pigments, eggs and oil? People used it for centuries; it’s not only harmless to your body and the environment – you could even taste it without getting sick. So why was there any need to „develop“ a new kind of paint, which is absolutely poisonous? Because the society changed, because of industrialisation, because we don’t have the time and the knowledge(!) anymore to mix it by ourselfes, because we don’t want to take care so much and repaint something after some years – yes, but all these threads guide to one reason and this is just simply money.

Today you have to pay much more for a healthy version of some kind of product than for the common one; they are available, of course, because there is a market, a need for it – so it’s profitable for the producers. They want to make money, thats why they developed for example modern paint – and of course, it only can be poisonous and a risk to the consumers health and to the environment because the unhealthy version was already there; available for almost everyone for free or at a low prize. And the producers just sell their poison; they will not care about your health – never; not even when they develop not so unhealthy products. They just want to make money; they don’t want to do something good. They know very well about the dangerous effects of their products – like I stated before; there are even signs and warnings at the packages – but they just continue producing and selling and say: „the consumer has to choose and change the market“. Of course it’s the consumers responsebility, because the ones which want to make the big money have no sense for it. All their products are also made out of a bad intent; which is to make money at first priority. And those who work for such companies are in my opinion wheter ignorants or cowards.

The market is flooded with thousand of different versions of one single product, searching for the consumers attention with mind tricking advertising and every product claims to be the best. Confused by this and many other things attacking his senses; the consumer is almost lost and completely unable to think with a clear mind when choosing a product. The not so unhealthy product he maybe can not afford – so what to do?

Instead of protesting and trying to influence the producers; wouldn’t it be better to just refuse to buy almost everthing industrial produced and to step out of the circle of fear, lazyness and convienient behaviour to be more self sufficient, proud and healthy?

Cease to be a consumer step by step, trade, build up transition groups, give for free from time to time, think local, and do by yourself what you can do! There is alot of information about alternatives for many, many things; but it starts in your way of thinking.

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