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Do Something Useful

To find a good balance between art and utility I try to make a wooden spoon by myself. It’s a very simple primary tool for one of the basic needs: to feed yourself. The first plan was to carve the spoon out from an oak bough which I simply cut in a forest on a rainy day.



My fresh bough got little cracks very soon. After becoming the information oak isn’t good for food-tools because of the tannin which effects the taste of your meal I get two very dry wooden blocks of beech and apple for free from a workmate. Immediately after work I cut out the raw forms of two spoons. One with a more curved and one with a straight form:


The curved one in the foreground is out of apple; the other one is beech. Next follows the carving then I have to sand down the edges and finally comes the oil for the surface.

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