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Hypericum perforatum

Last weekend I gathered St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and yarrow (Achillea millefolium). They are both great healing plants and can be found in high quantity at meadows and in forests (not yarrow). Although I don’t have my own garden yet I can harvest all the time because nature has so much to offer. The more I learn about plants, the more I’m able to see the nature’s garden full of food and medicine. Paradise is located here on earth, not in some fictional heaven after death. To find the key you need two things: knowledge, as I already mentioned; and willpower together with a pure and positive mind. Knowledge is easy to find in our age of information but our minds are constantly bombarded and stressed by the influence of modern lifestyles and by the mainstream society that blindly followes this trend. If this death-cult’s influence is getting too big for you to bear with it – than you are not only exposed to illnesses (both physically and mentally) but you will lose your positive willpower – your lifeforce too!

DSC05589This is why I call the modern lifestyle a death cult: „They“ want you to be either stupidly happy with „their“ entertainment and consumerism or to be negative and depressive because in both cases you won’t be able to see the truth and don’t start to think by yourself. The mean plan is to squeeze out your lifeforce, your honour, your love and everything European in you – to turn all your energy into money and to transform you into some kind of zombie serving „them“. A status of permanent stress destabilize our psyche and makes us weak and vulnerable. And then „they“ give you a special treatment: chemical poisons, expensive of course – and with many side effects to make you more and more dependent on their „medicine“. But you don’t have to let this happen because nature can help you to regain your inner strength. St. John’s wort is well known for its positive effects to the neurologic system: that herb help to bring back your confidence and contentment. It can cure light depression without the side effects of chemical psychopharmaka. I’ve never had real depressions but I often felt a constant annoyance which inhibited my thoughts and feelings. To make tea from St. John’s wort you have to dry the flowers and leafs without the stalk. The leafs can be collected quite easy and fast: just strip them off along the stalk to get a handful. The plant can reach a height up to 1 meter; the blossoms can be collected from mid-june to september in forests, shrubbery (often near blackberry-bushes), fields and meadows and along pathes. DSC05590If you consume alot of it you can get a temporary increased light sensitivity of your skin which can cause dermal irritations under direct sunlight. But thats the only known side effect and the risk is lower if you take the tea in the dark seasons or if you have to work the whole day indoors and rarely get sunlight (perhaps one of the reasons for neurologic problems…). To not loose your focus on odalism while still living in this madhouse-society you should always have an abundant supply of Hypericum perforatum. Preserve the blossoms in linseed oil to make a red healing oil to cure burns and wounds. I haven’t tried this yet but I will in the future.


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