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This weekend we  gathered apples and plums that were fallen down at a nearby meadow with scattered fruit trees. We also picked blackberries and yarrow (to make tea). At home we made jam from the plums and the berries. We used refined fruit sugar and some apples (because of their pectin) as a replacement for gelling sugar and flavoured the plum-yam with cinnamon. The apples are to sour for eating but  I guess as dried rings they will be quite tasty. There are a lot of blackthorn bushes at the meadows and I wonder if they will ever be picked by somebody except the birds. The same goes for a hazelnut tree that we found. I will have an eye at them… Surprisingly we found St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and want to make tea and red-oil from the flowers but we haven’t harvested them yet.


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