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While I was making the spoon, my girlfriend made a beautiful hairstick from lindenwood. Blue ornaments like spiral, triskele and runes on dark brown mordanted wood looks very nice. So we decided to make more of them. During the easter holidays we collected boughs of linden and poplar wood, debarked and waxed them (to avoiding cracks due to the drying) and began with the carving. We have a lot of other things to do but we plan to make a few sticks with different colours and symbols and sell them for moderate price at a second hand clothing/jewelry website. But until this will happen I will show some pictures from the process and later hopefully some finished sticks.

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  1. Hi there, how are you doing?
    I don’t speak fluent German, but I am from the Thulean Perspective and I want to compliment you on this blog and your carving/woodwork skills. What knives are you using for that precision?

    • Hey hello, thank you for visiting my blog. Thulean Perspective is gathering a lot of interesting people. I follow it since the first post and it has motivated me to start my own blog. I want to improve my English and becoming more trained is an addition of this. Regarding the carving I use a simple hunting knive for rough work and a small carving knive for details: Kirsch Messer google pictures and also a curved chisel for the spoon. Actually I have a lot of other things to do because my girlfriend and I plan to travel trough Sweden and Norway and later work on farms there for a while. But I’m confident to continue the carvings. If you’re interested heres my deviantart gallery with more photos: http://lichtfaenger87.deviantart.com/gallery/

      What are you doing? Going to school/study or work? You are from Scotland, right?

      • Well.. hm.. My father’s parents are straight from the Orkney islands, coming to America at an early age, I know I share some Nordic blood just based on history. I am learning Scottish Gaelic on a daily basis at this point. I am a teenager, I am young, so yes I am still in school.
        Though I work more on carpentry, self sufficiency, Permaculture, and personal education with books and blogs than public schooling, of course. It’s all a routine to keep you in check anyways. Thank God(s) for the internet.
        But anyway, seeing as how you hold the „Fun ways to make cool/useful stuff“ blog, I suggest you come over to the Permies forums where we talk Permaculture, self sustainability, ecology, environment, and of course woodworking all the time. http://www.permies.com/

        Oh, and by the way, I’m using and I recommend Mora knives from Sweden.
        These are perfect for muscling yourself through the woods, woodworking, skinning animals, and the like.
        Have a nice day, friend.

    • Interesting site thank you, I’ll take a closer look. I’ve read Mora is the old swedish smith town; maybe we will visit it on our trip. I’m very interested in “alternative” life with self sufficiency and more or less
      independence from money. I think and dream about “breaking out” since I’ve finished school. But for a long time I just don’t know how to do and it was just too abstract. I have to be consequent and do everything step by step to learn and become more secure in what I want to do. The highest barrier is always your own head and instinctive fears. The greatest challenge is to listen to the “inner captain” and the balance between body and spirit; not to fall into the ettin world how Varg would said. This is the real “fight” in life I think.

      • If you read on the site and watch videos from their founder: http://www.youtube.com/user/paulwheaton12
        You will soon come to realize, money is hardly a problem. You need only to pay for electricity, water, and internet, because you can make every little dumb thing we need in a global society.
        If you scroll around on his channel, you will find incredibly simple things that will ensure health and happiness. Like his „tiny house for $360“ video or „The $50 underground house“.
        I am just trying to share more things about Permaculture to get it more popular, because it is a genius science to completely change agricultural technique all together.
        Take this video as an example:

        Read the description.

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