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Hairstick „Iðunn“

I finished my first hairstick and named it after the goddess Iðunn, which is another name for Nanna, who is Baldrs wife. The rune Dagaz is connected to her and Baldr, so I’ve chosen it after figuring out this fact trough the book „Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Skandinavia“. I choose Iðunn instead of Nanna because my intention says this name and its letters fitting better together with the form of the stick. The stick is made out of poplar wood, nearly 18cm long, painted with aquarell colours and varnished. The body colour is ivory-white which stands for skin; the brown of the rings represents soil and the red of the ornament reminds of blood. But first I thought of „Snow White“ (Brothers Grimm) 😉

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