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Collecting Herbs

DSC05357Last weekend we collected herbs and dried them for healthy teas. Woodruff, narrowleaf plantain, dandelion, horsetail, strawberry-leaves, peppermint and nettles. We cooked the fresh young nettles as an alternative to spinach but I didn’t liked it so much. I was lucky to find watercress, which is rather seldom because it needs excellent water quality. The cress was surprisingly spicy! Unfortunately we can’t find ramson; I would like to have it because I really like the taste of garlic.

DSC05418Woodruff helps against headache/migraine, has a good taste and is supposed to brighten up your mood. But don’t eat to much of it – otherwise you will get a headache…
Other helpful effects are:

  • soothing
  • anticonvulsant
  • blood-purifying
  • diaphoretic
  • strengthens the veins
  • reduces blood clotting


Narrowleaf plantain doesn’t taste so well but it has much healing potential and supports the digestion of fat-rich meals trough its bitters. If you have a blister on your foot because of walking in bad shoes you can use narrowleaf plantain to heal it. The next day the blister will be gone. The plant also contains antibacterial ingredients and is mainly used against cough and wounds.

  • blood-purifying
  • antibacterial
  • diuretic
  • mucus-dissolving


Dandelion helps to digest fat-rich meals and is diuretic- just like narrowleaf. It can cure varicose veins, stomach ulcer, digestion problems and supports the liver and the kidneys. Dandelion grows like a weed but is in fact a wonder-healing herb.


DSC05416Horsetail contains high amount of orthosilicic acid and helps against kidney- or urinary bladder diseases and diseases of the lung and bronchia. Compresses with horsetail are helpful against wounds or ulcers.

Tea made of wood-strawberry-leaves helps against cough and stomachache and tastes good.


DSC05378Peppermint gives an excellent tea and has the following effects:

  • antiphlogistic
  • antiseptic
  • anticonvulsant
  • pain-relieving
  • stimulates the gall, the respiratory center
  • helps against sleeplessness, headache, indigestion and colics

DSC05369The taste of cooked (young) nettles can be compared with spinach. A nettle-tea has a strong diuretic effect and can help to cure skin problems. Nettles are indeed not a weed but a crop plant of many uses in cooking and healing.


brunnenkresseWatercress contains a high amount of vitamins – so it can help against deficiency signs like tiredness, skin blemishes and vulnerability to become a cold. The best way to cure these symptoms is to drink fresh pressed juice of watercress mixed with water. Don’t eat to much watercress; it can irritate the gastric mucosa.  Furthermore it is very important to clean the watercress very well and to not pick it from non-floating waters because it can contain larvas of the liver fluke.



Nature gives us medicine for free and offers help when we are sick. She nurtures and heals us. We can just go out for a walk and pick up some plants we know. Seen as weeds by most of the people out of ignorance, they are indeed full of power. Instead of taking artificial pills and beeing dependet to the medical system we should regain the old knowlegde and live healthy to prevent greater illnesses.

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