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Kultivierung des europäischen Geistes.

Wurzeln eines umgestürzten Baumes im Femundsmarka Nationalpark in Norwegen

Zeitlos Überdauert – Leben mit prähistorischem Geist – TEIL II

Man kann mit Recht sagen, dass die Gesellschaft gut eingerichtet ist. Von – und für Menschen, deren Denkstrukturen und Verhalten bestimmte Gemeinsamkeiten aufweisen. Damit sind nicht nur erlernte, anerzogene Normen und Regeln gemeint, sondern viel entscheidender noch die angeborene Art der Verschaltung im Hirn und damit die Funktionsweise der Verarbeitung, Speicherung und Ausgabe von Informationen. Ist diese strukturelle Gemeinsamkeit bei einem Menschen nicht gegeben, wird er sich in großen Teilen des täglichen Lebens einer feindlichen Umgebung konfrontiert sehen und nicht selten an der Konformität und Richtigkeit seiner eigenen Persönlichkeit zweifeln.… weiterlesen

Innenansicht Blockhütte im Femundsmarka Nationalpark

Call For Simplicity

Since we know that the most promising way to revolt against the rotten modern system is not about throwing stones at policemen at a demonstration or to take part in any „anti“-organisation, which are often actually a part of the system themselfes – but to reduce our needs and dependencies from it and to take part lesser and lesser to interrupt the supply of money to rotten industries which threaten our existence and future.… weiterlesen

Notizheft mit Bleistift

The Plan

I experienced that it’s very important to have a goal or a meaning in life. Not so long ago I felt trapped in a world without these qualities and due to that I felt unmotivated sometimes and often a bit depressed. My sight stucked at negative things. When someone asked me about having children, I usually replied something like: „No, not in this world! I don’t want to be responsable for all the obstacles they will have to face in this sick society.… weiterlesen

Stormy Sea

Currently I’m in an uncertain situation in my life. I’m looking for a new job and a new place to live. For now it’s not sure where I will land. Though the sails have been set and the rudder lay in my hand. I know which goal I want to reach and where I want to be in 5 or 10 years.… weiterlesen


I don’t really like to buy new clothes. Especially not in city stores full of people, advertising, strange  trends, noise and bad smell. Alot of jackets, pullovers, shirts and shoes I got “second hand” from my father but sometimes I bought new things by myself to replace old worn down clothes. In some cases it’s unnecessary to spend money to new things because the old ones are repairable.… weiterlesen

Poisonous Development

paintSince I started working I was often more or less forced to use and cope with obviously poisonous materials and fabrics. And even now when I work with more ecological minded persons it happens quite often that I’m supposed to handle really obviously unhealthy materials. Except the fact that your body will suffer from it, it never felt good to use them; especially not when I knew very well about their poisonous effects – also to the environment.… weiterlesen

Othala Rune in Birkenrinde

Zeitlos Überdauert – I

Shortly before finishing the spoon I cut this rune out of a leftover piece of beech. It’s called “Othala” and I choose this one because of its meaning for homeland, ownership, heritage and ancestry. Basically all runes containing a important meaning each for its own but “Othala” is maybe the most misinterpreted or misunderstood one in our modern time because of the reinterpretation of individualism in a form which tear out and denies all roots so to speak.… weiterlesen