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New Spoon

DSC05486Finally I found time to make another spoon after a break of several months. There was a last log of dried applewood left which was big enough to carve a spoon out of it. Applewood has a reddish colour and nice texture but is quite hard to cut. This time I didn’t used any machines to cut the raw form – I did everything by hand just with my knives.… weiterlesen

Seifenschale aus Holz

Soap Holder

DSC05098In sweden I had some opportunities to do handcraft work and after making the last spoon, I wanted to do something else. It should be small and useful and after I found a metal soap holder with a water collecting part in a bathroom, the decision was made: It would be great to have such a thing made out of wood. I cut a block of oakwood in two pieces and began with the carving of the basin.… weiterlesen


New Spoon

Yesterday I finished a new spoon made from a dry piece of a birch tree hump. This time I used oliv oil and the texture came out very nice and different compared to a regular piece of stem because of the irregular growth of the hump. I tried to make the spoon as thin and light as possible. Because it is quite deep it can be used as a marmelade spoon or for salt/sugar and for soups.… weiterlesen


Hairstick „Iðunn“

I finished my first hairstick and named it after the goddess Iðunn, which is another name for Nanna, who is Baldrs wife. The rune Dagaz is connected to her and Baldr, so I’ve chosen it after figuring out this fact trough the book „Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Skandinavia“. I choose Iðunn instead of Nanna because my intention says this name and its letters fitting better together with the form of the stick.… weiterlesen


While I was making the spoon, my girlfriend made a beautiful hairstick from lindenwood. Blue ornaments like spiral, triskele and runes on dark brown mordanted wood looks very nice. So we decided to make more of them. During the easter holidays we collected boughs of linden and poplar wood, debarked and waxed them (to avoiding cracks due to the drying) and began with the carving.… weiterlesen