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Buche vor grauem Sandstein

Sacred Homeland

I live and work in south germany because of economic reasons but my true and original home are the fairytale forests and rocks of a region in east germany that is called saxonian switzerland. I was already homesick for months now and the feeling that I don’t belong to the place where I live now became – and still become stronger and stronger. It seems that my spirit/soul or how you want to call it, is deeply in touch with the landscape of my homeland:… weiterlesen

oesterreichische Berglandschaft


I want to share some pictures from our hiking trip to the mountain „Hoher Freschen“ in Austria last weekend. We stuck our car in the ditch at a mountain road and had to ask a group of austrians for help in order to push the car out of the mud and we didn’t reached the top of the mountain because the narrow ridge with the steep flanks was to dangerous for us without any climbing equipment – but anyway it was a nice trip trough beautiful european landscape.… weiterlesen

Äpfel werden gewaschen

Apple Juice

Today i had the opportunity to visit a small apple juice „factory“ in a little village in the countryside of south-west sweden. People coming from even 50 km away to let him press the juice out of their apples he said. He is well known in the area and have a lot to do this autumn but he is always happy when families with children and other interested people are coming to show and explain them where the food is coming from and how to make tasty applejuice the old way.… weiterlesen