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Call For Simplicity

Since we know that the most promising way to revolt against the rotten modern system is not about throwing stones at policemen at a demonstration or to take part in any „anti“-organisation, which are often actually a part of the system themselfes – but to reduce our needs and dependencies from it and to take part lesser and lesser to interrupt the supply of money to rotten industries which threaten our existence and future. The good thing with this is; even if they try everything in their power to brainwash us to buy their lies, you do nothing illegal by refusing their products and advertized lifestyles altough they try to make it harder by influencing politicians I guess. If you want to simplify your life you will turn into the worst enemy of the system because it’s based on massive consumerism and cannot exist without its mass of braindead smartphone zombies which buy everything what they get served and propagated as improvement and progress.

Not as a complaining demonstrant crying for rights given by the big brother but as an independent, proud, do-it-yourself person which cares about traditional values you are the true rebel of today – and urgently needed! It should never be an obstacle to you or driven by anger; we should try to just follow our true inner voice. This is important, otherwise you will turn into an unbalanced lunatic. Also it’s a matter of conscience – we cannot truly participate in the destruction and perversion of all what is important and good for us. And we have a responsibility towards the next generations and also towards nature in general; altough it’s stupid to separate between us and nature because all what is – is nature. Yes, even the destructive elements are a product of nature I think, but it’s our natural right to fight for our bare existence.

Although you have to spent some money to become more self sufficient, simply because most of us start from point zero, there are alot of things you can already do. Some questions of your daily life could be:

What do I really need and how much of it?
Are there alternatives available? (especially regarding poisonous products)
Is there an option to make/repair it by myself?
Could my household be more economic?
Should I consider about sharing tools,food and goods with other people?
Do I need something brand new or is „used but still working“ good enough?
Can I get something similar for free?
What is worth to re-use and recycle?

The list of questions could be much longer but in the end it’s almost a matter of creativity – which is our outstanding european feature if it’s used in a decent way.

Our daily life consumes alot of energy in general because we have build up a parallel world besides the natural world to be able to life free from fears. But now this construction became too complex and threat us with the same old fears from the stoneage just in new shapes. In addition to that we also have to spent even more time and energy to it than ever before but we don’t find real harmony anymore. So, to leave the „bubble“ is not a greater risk than staying inside, because the fears are basicly the same and can be fought by facing them instead of trying to hide them under insurances and money-dependency.

Altough everyone of us is more or less an idealist, it could be a bad idea to act too radical in this case. We are children of our time and are usually not been taught how to life with a minimum of modern achievements. You have to spent time with reading books or the internet, to talk to people, attending courses maybe to get the knowledge back that has been forgotten or was kept away from us. We should walk step by step and don’t jump into the deep lake without preparations so to speak.

Besides all the idealistic intent there should be a place for your own joyful life – this is possible in a simplier way of living too. Imagine, you could enjoy the fresh taste of self grown vegetables, the warmth of your woodfire kitchen-stove, the voice of happily scratching chickens outside on your own land, the healthy fruits of your work in general, your children laughing while playing in the nearby forest, you could enjoy how well your compost works or you think of the self baked bread and a hot tea made out of self-gathered herbs of the next breakfast when you go to bed at night. You can feel good about the amount of firewood you chopped for the next winter and so on. You cannot buy joy and satisfaction. I almost think in pictures and emotions and therefore it’s important for me to imagine this aimed future as vivid as possible in order to reach it. Then one thing comes to another and you will make the right decisions.

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