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Apple Juice

Today i had the opportunity to visit a small apple juice „factory“ in a little village in the countryside of south-west sweden. People coming from even 50 km away to let him press the juice out of their apples he said. He is well known in the area and have a lot to do this autumn but he is always happy when families with children and other interested people are coming to show and explain them where the food is coming from and how to make tasty applejuice the old way. Another volunteer and I went to him per bicycle just a few kilometers to the next village to see how it works.

First he have to wash and sort the apples in water. The next step is to crush them and making some kind of pourage out of them. Then he put the applepourage layer by layer in bags between oakwood grids. The squeezing machine works with up to 12 tons to squeeze out all the juice which is collected in a bucket and later filled in canister.

We were allowed to taste and it was so sweet and fresh! But as he said you have to to something with it (freezing or pasteurizing) because otherwise after approximately one day it will be begin to oxidate. We asked for a plastic bag of sqeezed pourage for the pigs which made them really happy.

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