Natur und Leben
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A Symbolic Act

The oak which I planted is growing very well and fast and has the characteristic leafes of an oak tree now. The little tree became too big for the tetra pack box; so I went to a nearby forest and got some more rich humus soil to fill a bigger planting-bucket. eicheI didn’t dug deep because the first 60 centimeters of soil are the richest. It’s also important to loose the soil from root systems when picking them out, because the soil around the roots is supposed to be also very high of nutrients. I also spotted two earthworms in it – which is good; they will pull down dead material from the soil-surface to compost it. At the moment I have no idea where to plant it later but I dream of having it at my own property in the future; preferentially on top of a hill. If I have children later they will play under the tree’s shadow and climbing around in the strong branches.


Some music for the mindjourney.

Imagine you wake up in a deep forest where the ground is covered with herbs, dead wood and mushrooms. In some distance you can hear a fresh creek of water flowing down the hill while birds are singing and flying around the tall tree crowns in green light. It’s calm in general. You fill your lungs with moistured air and nothing disturbs the beauty around in which you feel comfortable. Long time ago Europe was covered with forests, what we hardly can image today with all the agricultural landscapes around us. Our forebears lived inside and with this green, rich world for which they were adapted. Our bodies are made to live in forests as hunters and gatherers and today we suffer in mind and body from this great loss of our natural way of living. Often it’s just a vague feeling which leads to illness in general, abstract and complicated actions and different variations of weakness – if we ignore it. We cannot go directly back and continue living like the neanderthal man because too much knowledge and wisdom is lost and also our bodies are propably too weak today. We have to listen to our innerselves and to nature and find the so called overgrown path in our mind, which is covered with thorns and evil creatures, cloaked in darkness until you found your true strength, self esteem and balance. There is no time existing; the ancestors are still in us whispering to guide us. Art can be a tool to open the gate but be careful with choosing it. Our mind creates the world we live in and the crazy, so called civilized world of today can be seen as a materialisation of a wicked mind-setup which has grown by feeding it with weakness.

I planted the oak as a symbol for the ancient europe of forests and for the part of myself which lived once there.

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