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A comfortable way of cooking with fire

In preparation for our planned backpack trip to Sweden I decided to buy a woodburning stove (also called „Hobo“) to be independent from buying gas, spiritus or other fuels when we are surrounded with wood in the forests of scandinavia. It also prevents wasted gas-bottles. My girlfriend has already a classical „Trangia“ spiritusburner which we want to use in regions without wood. After hours of recherche I choose a stove called „Magic Flame“ which is produced in Switzerland. The latest model (which I have) is able to take up the Trangia burner and serves him as a windstopper.

We went out to the Palatinate Forest near the mountain „Kalmit“ for camping. Last weekend I took a trip there with a 14kg backpack trough beautiful forests to a spring of water where I rested, cooked with the woodburning stove and sleeped in a tiny cottage out of branches and leafs which I had to repair first even though I was very hungry. But I know it would be rain at night. But this time we only wanted to cook, so we choose a spring of water near the parking place and because of rainy weather a roomier hut. There are a lot of watersprings around the mountain. Some of them immured, some are only little holes at the hillside or under a tree.

Lighting the fire is easy when you have things like dry wood shavings – maybe with some tree-resin. Bark is also very good and I have heard tree-mushrooms are also a good burning material to make a fire but I didn’t tested it. The stove is very hungry for wood and because of his size he can’t take much of it or neither take big branches. Our pot has a capacity of 1,4 liters and the water is boiling within short time (aprox. 5-10min) when the flames are well burning. The pot lid and the heat protection underlay are self made; I cut them out of a thin aluminium sheet.When the embers are burned down the stove cooles out very quickly and can be folded and stored in the bag if the metal is not temporarly deformed a little bit because of high temperatures. If this is the case you have to wait until the stainless steel has skrinked back in the proper form.
Once hot the stove burns even moisty wood altough it smokes alot. I’m confident the little stove will be a good companion on our journey.

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