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Update: A Bard’s Failure

mandolineWhile still working and traveling in Sweden, my guitar learning lacks alot. A few times I had access to a acoustic guitar and I played a bit but it’s not so much fun to learn. The sound is just too boring. While my electric guitar is waiting in Germany; I found a nice small mandoline yesterday and was allowed to borrow it and played a bit. The sound was exiting different from a regular guitar – more like a sinus tone wave. Ignoring the fact that this mandoline was probably total out of tune; I practiced with it and recorded a short „song“… the recording quality with my laptops microphone was terrible (so it sounds more like a trumpet) and my playing skills too – but anyhow, here it is:

 mandoline practice

I did another one the next day:
more practice

I’m still too slow in changing the chords and because I’m more used to practice with my electric guitar, it’s hard to press down the strings of this mandolin. Maybe I will never be a perfect guitarist – but I think practicing guitar is good for balancing the mind because you train your body and your creativity/feelings. When it works well sometimes you can fall in some state of trance. And of course you should develop yourself in different disciplines to grow your inner spirit – music and art in general is no less important than practical things like to know how to grow food, to handle tools and so on.

I start to see art not just as an expression of a individual but more and more as a kind of spell or a language. We should hear in ourselfs and try to express what feels good and right in a way that reaches others who probably have the same way of feeling – to keep alive the culture-creating spell. Art means artificial and we are surrounded by artificial things which are affecting our minds. With the help of good sorcery we can tune us back in the right way, I’m sure.

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    • How did he came to play a mandoline? I met someone who plays banjo and it has a very unique sound too, but you easily associate it with „wild west“ movies and the sound just doesn’t go deep in the way how it feels. Another one was playing a ukulele, which is just funny. The mandoline is something in between and I was astonished about the sound of this small instrument. I hope I don’t fall in love to much with it, because it’s not mine 😉

      • I’m from Newfoundland, and the mandolin is used in a lot of traditional music in celtic/irish style from there. So he picked one up and learned it. It’s a really enjoyable instrument to pick up and play.

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