Monate: Dezember 2013

Dämmerung im Winterwald

Today I’ve made a short piece of music using my acoustic guitar to figure out the tabs which I entered in TuxGuitar for „recording“. I call it „Dämmerung im Winterwald“, because we are now in the days „between the years“, which we call „Rauhnächte“ in Germany. It’s a mystical time where the other world (of the dead) is supposed to be open to those who want to enter and recieve deeper knowledge of universal wisdom.… weiterlesen


I don’t really like to buy new clothes. Especially not in city stores full of people, advertising, strange  trends, noise and bad smell. Alot of jackets, pullovers, shirts and shoes I got “second hand” from my father but sometimes I bought new things by myself to replace old worn down clothes. In some cases it’s unnecessary to spend money to new things because the old ones are repairable.… weiterlesen