Monate: Mai 2013


Hairstick „Iðunn“

I finished my first hairstick and named it after the goddess Iðunn, which is another name for Nanna, who is Baldrs wife. The rune Dagaz is connected to her and Baldr, so I’ve chosen it after figuring out this fact trough the book „Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Skandinavia“. I choose Iðunn instead of Nanna because my intention says this name and its letters fitting better together with the form of the stick.… weiterlesen

A comfortable way of cooking with fire

In preparation for our planned backpack trip to Sweden I decided to buy a woodburning stove (also called „Hobo“) to be independent from buying gas, spiritus or other fuels when we are surrounded with wood in the forests of scandinavia. It also prevents wasted gas-bottles. My girlfriend has already a classical „Trangia“ spiritusburner which we want to use in regions without wood. After hours of recherche I choose a stove called „Magic Flame“ which is produced in Switzerland.… weiterlesen

Othala Rune in Birkenrinde

Zeitlos Überdauert – I

Shortly before finishing the spoon I cut this rune out of a leftover piece of beech. It’s called “Othala” and I choose this one because of its meaning for homeland, ownership, heritage and ancestry. Basically all runes containing a important meaning each for its own but “Othala” is maybe the most misinterpreted or misunderstood one in our modern time because of the reinterpretation of individualism in a form which tear out and denies all roots so to speak.… weiterlesen