Jahr: 2013

Dämmerung im Winterwald

Today I’ve made a short piece of music using my acoustic guitar to figure out the tabs which I entered in TuxGuitar for „recording“. I call it „Dämmerung im Winterwald“, because we are now in the days „between the years“, which we call „Rauhnächte“ in Germany. It’s a mystical time where the other world (of the dead) is supposed to be open to those who want to enter and recieve deeper knowledge of universal wisdom.… weiterlesen


I don’t really like to buy new clothes. Especially not in city stores full of people, advertising, strange  trends, noise and bad smell. Alot of jackets, pullovers, shirts and shoes I got “second hand” from my father but sometimes I bought new things by myself to replace old worn down clothes. In some cases it’s unnecessary to spend money to new things because the old ones are repairable.… weiterlesen

Poisonous Development

paintSince I started working I was often more or less forced to use and cope with obviously poisonous materials and fabrics. And even now when I work with more ecological minded persons it happens quite often that I’m supposed to handle really obviously unhealthy materials. Except the fact that your body will suffer from it, it never felt good to use them; especially not when I knew very well about their poisonous effects – also to the environment.… weiterlesen

Update: A Bard’s Failure

mandolineWhile still working and traveling in Sweden, my guitar learning lacks alot. A few times I had access to a acoustic guitar and I played a bit but it’s not so much fun to learn. The sound is just too boring. While my electric guitar is waiting in Germany; I found a nice small mandoline yesterday and was allowed to borrow it and played a bit.… weiterlesen

Äpfel werden gewaschen

Apple Juice

Today i had the opportunity to visit a small apple juice „factory“ in a little village in the countryside of south-west sweden. People coming from even 50 km away to let him press the juice out of their apples he said. He is well known in the area and have a lot to do this autumn but he is always happy when families with children and other interested people are coming to show and explain them where the food is coming from and how to make tasty applejuice the old way.… weiterlesen